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German Quartz Pendant - Handmade

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  • EOTSQ-U6
This pendant was made from a raw quartz beach pebble that we found in the waters of the river... more
Product information "German Quartz Pendant - Handmade"

This pendant was made from a raw quartz beach pebble that we found in the waters of the river Rhine.
It is a clear quartz/milky quartz that shows some beautiful depth and structure that makes this pendant truly one of a kind.

Quartz is the second most common mineral in the Earth's crust and can be found nearly everywhere in many different variations.
Here in Germany on the banks of the river Rhine, we mostly find milky quartz.
The white colour of the milky quartz is caused by inclusions of gas or fluid and it is the most common variety of quartz.
But even those common milky quartz pieces can show astonishingly beautiful structures and colour variations and often contain parts that are crystal clear.

We collect our stones by hand on the stone beaches of the river Rhine in Germany and polish them in a stone tumbler to create these beautiful shiny stone pendants.
The stones, mixed with grinding/polishing powder, are kept in a continuous tumbling motion for more then a week to grind out any imperfections, pits and cracks and to create a shining and highly polished surface.

Size: 30 x 15 x 10 mm
Metal: 925 Sterling Silver
Stone: Quartz
Stone Origin: Bad Honnef, Germany
Type: Pendant
Included Accessories: Gift bag (100% Cotton), Waxed Black Cotton Cord (100% Cotton)
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