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Handmade Fossilized Snail Pendant

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Hand cut and polished pendant made out of a fossilized snail from the Austrian Alps.... more
Product information "Handmade Fossilized Snail Pendant"

Hand cut and polished pendant made out of a fossilized snail from the Austrian Alps.

Fossilized Snail
Once this snail was living in an ancient ocean about 80 million years ago but when it died, it sank to the bottom of the ocean and was buried under sand and mud.

Over the course of several thousand years, the snails shell was fossilized and became the beautiful fossil that we can see today.

These snail fossils are also called Gosau-snail, named after the small village of Gosau am Dachstein in Austria.
The village is known for its fossils as a part of the ancient ocean got lifted up during the rising of the Alps and now sits at about 1.200m above sea level and contains many snail, coral and shell fossils.

How we create our jewelry
We cut, grind and polish our stones by hand in our small workshop in the beautiful German town of Bad Honnef.
To be able to work the hard stones and achieve a high quality, we use diamond coated saw blades, grinding wheels and and drills to work our stone

Metal: 925 Sterling Silver
Production type: Handmade in Germany
Stone: Fossilized Snail
Stone Origin: Gosau im Salzkammergut, Austria
Type: Pendant
Included Accessories: Gift bag (100% Cotton)
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