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Scottish Stone Collection

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A pack of 5 different Scottish stones, one piece of Highland Marble, Skye Marble, Iona Marble,... more
Product information "Scottish Stone Collection"

A pack of 5 different Scottish stones, one piece of Highland Marble, Skye Marble, Iona Marble, Red Jasper and Lewisian Gneiss.
You will receive the exact same stones as pictured.

Scottish Lewisian
The Scottish Lewisian is hand-mined on the Isles of Lewis, Harris and North Highlands.
Lewisian is part of the ancient bedrock of Scotland and it is one of the oldest rocks in the world, as it is estimated to be about 3 billion years old!
The unique combination of colours and structures comes from the different minerals that the Lewisian is composed of, these are mainly Feldspar, Quartz and Epidote.

Scottish Red Jasper
Each piece of jasper has been collected by hand from various locations along the east cost of Scotland.
Jasper is a microcrystalline variation of quartz that has been prized as a gemstone since ancient times.
The red colour is due to included iron but the colour of jasper can range from yellow, red, brown and sometimes even green.
Scottish Red Jasper also contains a mixture of white quartz and hematite.

Scottish Highland Marble
Scottish Highland Marble is mined by hand in the Scottish Highlands and on some of the Scottish Islands.
Scottish Marble is a combination of limestone and serpentine whereas the limestone has a white milky colour, the serpetine can vary greatly from dark and nearly black green to a yellowish colour.
Highland Marble has been used to create jewellery for centuries and is supposed to bring good luck.

Scottish Skye Marble
The Skye Marble comes from the Scottish Isle of Skye in the Inner Hebrides and is hand collected in a quarry in the shadows of the Cuillin mountains.
Only 1 kg in 1000 kg is of high enough quality to create jewellery with.
The marble was created about 500 million years ago and displays an array of different colours, including rare blue, yellow and pink.
Most of the material is composed of green and black serpentine which is mixed with white or grey limestone which was formed millions of years ago from ancient corals and shells.
It is said that the Skye marble has a calming effect which fits with the reputation of the Isle of Skye as a place to calm down and connect to yourself.

Scottish Iona Marble
Each piece of Iona Marble is collected by hand near the Isle of Iona in Scotland while free-diving in the cold water of the sea!
Iona Marble is also known as the sacred stone of Columba and the pebbles of Iona Marble that can be found on the beach are also sometimes called Columba' Tears.
Iona Marble has been crafted into jewellery on the island for centuries and it is also said to be a lucky stone that protects against fire and shipwrecking.
It is said that the fisherman on the island never leave port without their lucky piece of Iona Marble.

Stone: Jasper, Scottish Highland Marble, Scottish Iona Marble, Scottish Lewisian, Scottish Skye Marble
Type: Tumbled Stone
Stone Origin: Isle of Lewis, Scotland
Weight: 177 g
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