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Skye Marble & Garnet - Celtic Swirl Ring

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Adjustable 925 sterling silver ring with a piece of hand-mined Scottish Skye Marble and a garnet... more
Product information "Skye Marble & Garnet - Celtic Swirl Ring"

Adjustable 925 sterling silver ring with a piece of hand-mined Scottish Skye Marble and a garnet gem set into the swirl.

The ring size can be adjusted to fit most fingers but the design looks best between the following sizes:
55 - 62 (GER)
7¼- 9½ (US)

Scottish Skye Marble
The Skye Marble comes from the Scottish Isle of Skye in the Inner Hebrides and is hand collected in a quarry in the shadows of the Cuillin mountains.

Only 1 kg in 1000 kg is of high enough quality to create jewellery with.
The marble was created about 500 million years ago and displays an array of different colours, including rare blue, yellow and pink.
Most of the material is composed of green and black serpentine which is mixed with white or grey limestone which was formed millions of years ago from ancient corals and shells.

It is said that the Skye marble has a calming effect which fits with the reputation of the Isle of Skye as a place to calm down and connect to yourself.

Garnet has been used for jewellery making for more then 5.000 years and the gemstone was especially popular in ancient Egypt where it was used to create gold and silver jewellery.
The popularity of the Garnet comes from its deep red colour.

 Please note: The ring you receive will be of the same design and quality as pictured above but the colour of the stone might be slightly different as these are natural stones and each stone has a unique pattern.
We will gladly send you a picture of the rings we currently have in stock, just write us a quick mail using our contact form.

Size: Adjustable Size
Type: Ring
Stone: Garnet, Scottish Skye Marble
Stone Origin: Isle of Skye, Scotland
Metal: 925 Sterling Silver
Included Accessories: Gift bag (100% Cotton)
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